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What we offer, at Sanctual, are cool and creative tees for everyone’s punch of uniqueness and expression. With this unequivocal fashion love within us we are fully committed to providing you with lots of nice and memorable pieces that would allow you to truly express yourself.


Sanctual: A Story of Passion and Empowerment
SANCTUAL, established by Sandra Flower, the CEO and founder of JASON GULLATT SOLUTIONS LLC grew during the lockdown as a coping strategy by clients and their workforce. Jason’s journey began with a simple yet powerful desire: the intent is to venture to develop a t-shirt line that is more like an extension of a person’s personality. She dreamed of a label that didn’t just show the most modern trends today, but one that boosted confidence and emphasized this being comfortable about yourself. This underlying principle is what keeps us motivated every day in Sanctual and acts as a backbone of our company.
Beyond the Fabric: A Commitment to Quality
Sanctual does not settle for inferior quality. We regard quality as beyond merely a buzzword; rather, quality is a pledge. These materials are premium sourcing which are not just smooth and breathable but also very long-lasting. We acknowledge that you believe that your chosen t-shirt should exhibit all above traits and attributes even when you have subjected it to the ordeals of washing and wearing it for so many years. The quality issue on process is not only what owners of fashion business are concerned about but also beyond it. Using advanced printing methods, you are guaranteed to have designs which are imaged to a follow and long-lasting colored materials. The goal is to make you love the tee and flaunt it every time you wear it. That is the core reason we are committed to making a t-shirt that looks great after you wash it not only once but many times.


A Canvas for Your Self-Expression
A hangout spot doesn’t just mean walking out of the store with t-shirts. It’s a Sanctual where individuality and creativity thrive. We admit that a t-shirt is not just fabric, it can report your mood, replace a dialogue starter or even tell about the essence of your inner world. Therefore, the main reason we work hard at creating a curated collection of exclusive and varied food items that satisfy a broad spectrum of styles and characters becomes so self-evident. Be it colorful and literally standing you out among the guests or just elegant yet minimalist – we have something for a wide range of tastes. We are on a constant search for new trends and ideas, and our in-house design team is leadership in pushing limits and evolving. As a result, new coffeehouse design will always welcome inventiveness and attempt to deliver a new drinking experience.
More Than Just a Purchase: An Exceptional Shopping Experience
Sanctual is what we promise at our local store, and we will be doing all that we can to give you the best shopping experience you could ask for starting right now. A website that is simple to use places you right in front of our product collection, and our complete and descriptive page information is the guarantee that you know exactly what product you are purchasing. When it comes to the customer service, we have a team that is more than eager to deal with any queries that you might have. In addition, we deliver our orders in the shortest possible time, and our shipping is fast and reliable, resulting in you getting the new tee as quickly as possible. There is an undeniable relationship between us and our clients that we will be working on. We are also trying to stimulate a community of young and creative people who live their lives in an unique way.
Step into Sanctual and Discover a World of Possibilities
Stepping into your Sanctual, every t-shirt is the chance to discover a piece of your personality with vibrant colors waiting to be yours. Each t-shirt carries more spirit as it becomes part of you, is the best means to express yourself, and shows your original fashion style! Hi and welcome to our community! We are a bunch of excited individuals with some shades to gift!
Step into Sanctual and discover a world of vibrant t-shirts waiting to be yours!
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