Protecting Creativity and Identity

It’s important to protect the stuff you create and your personal info. This is where intellectual property (IP) laws come in. They cover:


  • Protects original works like art, books, and music.
  • Gives creators the exclusive right to do things like reproduce or sell their work.


  • Protects unique identifiers for businesses, like names, logos, and symbols.
  • Helps customers trust that a product is really from that brand.

Publicity Rights:

  • Protects people’s names, images, and likeness from unauthorized use.
  • Gives individuals control over how they’re portrayed in public.

What to Do If You See a Problem:

If you think someone might be messing with your IP rights or using your personal info without permission, report it here at: [email protected].


  • Link to the infringing content
  • Proof of your original work (e.g., website URL)
  • Your name and phone number
  • Title the email “TAKEDOWN REPORT”

By helping us protect IP laws, you’re making our online space a fairer place for both creators and consumers.